Learn the 7 Ways to Crack the New Depreciation Laws
Learn the 7 Ways to Crack the New Depreciation Laws
Little known investment and tax secrets, that every property investor must know.
About Keep Claiming It!
The 2017 Federal Budget changes have made the world of depreciation very complicated, but don't let that scare you off!
Keep Claiming It! puts a depreciation expert in your pocket - teaching you how to crack these new laws and maximise the return on your investments.

Every year that goes by without you claiming all the depreciation deductions you possibly can means money YOU DESERVE is going straight down the drain.

And it’s a missed opportunity. A missed opportunity to make repairs and renovations that add equity, a missed opportunity to invest in another property, or even a missed opportunity to take your family on the vacation of your dreams.
Who is Keep Claiming It! for?
Property Investors
Property Investors
Investors will learn how best to capitalise on the new depreciation laws to increase their cashflow and return on investment. As well as strategies for picking your next investment property.
Learn everything you need to know about the changes to depreciation, and pass that knowledge onto your clients. Increase their tax claims each and every year!
If you're planning on renovating a property in the future, this book could save you tens of thousands of dollars in tax. Learn the secrets of scrapping, and claim the residual value on everything you're about to rip out.
Before you start thinking about doing a development, make sure you know all the hidden costs, best tax strategies and most common problems. Keep Claiming It! will help you navigate your next development.
What People Are Saying
Sarah Megginson - Editor, Your Investment Property
“Depreciation can be complex, but in Keep Claiming It! Tyron Hyde breaks it down so it’s easy to understand.
Better still, he offers tips and strategies you can implement to improve your depreciation benefits right now, and generate a bigger tax refund – what’s not to love!”
Harry Triguboff - Founder, Meriton
“I made up my mind to work with Tyron when I saw him. I never went to another Quantity Surveyor. And I never regretted it.”

Pam Walkley - Founding Editor, Money Magazine
“If there is some detail about property depreciation Tyron Hyde does not know I have yet to find it.

His deep knowledge of how to take full advantage of the depreciation rules helps investors make the highest possible returns from their real estate investments.”
What You'll Learn
  •  Cash flow: Put more money in your pocket each year for renovations or new investments.
  •  New Laws: 7 Strategies to crack the new depreciation laws.
  • Renovations: Get money from renovations that previous owners have made.
  •  Experts: Which people you need to find your unclaimed deductions.
  • CGT: Decrease not only personal income tax, but also your Capital Gains Tax.
  • ROI: How to increase your ROI on EVERY investment you make.
  • Avoid mistakes: Avoid the most common (and costly) mistakes investors make when renovating. 
  •  Minimise risks: by knowing what you can claim BEFORE you invest.
100% Money Back - No risks, all reward.
Don't like it? Don't Pay!
Tyron Hyde thinks every property investor deserves to know this valuable information.

 Therefore, he’s giving away his 20+ years of knowledge and experience by putting it in book form and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee!

If you’re not 100% happy with this book for any reason, he will refund your money, no hassles and no questions asked.
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